Koścół p.w. Matki Bożej Frydeckiej na Trzycatku
Trzycatek 655
43-476 Jaworzynka
Phone: +48 33 855 67 77
Category: Sacred
Place:  Jaworzynka
The church was built on the place of a former chapel dated 1866. The chapel was created in honour of the Madonna of Frydeck. In time, the number of parishioners increased so much that people could not fit in the small chapel. Thus they decided to build a new larger one. In 1947 the chapel was pulled down and the construction works started. Already in 1948 the wooden chapel was consecrated. The Highlanders were using the wooden chapel for many years. However, as a result of the parish development, the place became too small to accommodate the growing congregation. The faithful decided to extent the church on their own. They asked Rev. Bishop T. Rakoczy for a planning permission. They received a positive opinion. The works lasted up to 1999. In October the same year, Rev. Bishop T. Rakoczy consecrated the Church of the Madonna of Frydeck. The old chapel was transferred to Mlaskawka to serve the faithful.
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