Stecówka 955
43-470 Istebna
E-mail: xjw@wp.pl
Web site: http://www.stecowka.bielsko.opoka.org.pl
Phone: +48 33 855 52 59
Category: Sacred
Place:  Istebna
The Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Stecówka
43-470  Istebna Stecówka 955, Phone: (+48) 33-855-52-59
The church was built as a Roman-Catholic chapel in 1957, among the picturesque hills, to commemorate the apparitions of Our Lady in the Portuguese village of Fatima (1917). Special services, lasting from May to October, including the October 13th church fair are organized here to commemorate the Fatima events. The church was constructed by the inhabitants of the following hamlets: Stecówki, Leszczyny, Pietraszonki, Skały, Łączyny and Mlaskawki. Local artists: Józef Bock from Mlaskawka, Jan Krężelok from Koniaków and Jan Bojko from Jaworzynka decorated the church interior. The altarpiece features the Our Lady of Fatima picture by Jan Wałach, with the framing sculpted by Ludwik Konarzewski. He also designed a sanctuary lamp and the tabernacle doors. The points of interest are also: a finely carved holy water stoup (1960) by Jan Bocka from Mlaskawka, the painting of St Maximilian Kolbe, the Stations of the Cross, the folk crucifix and the figure of Pensive Christ. Franciszek Wojarski, a skilled artist from Koniaków, is the author of the wooden cross on the church square.
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