Stecówka 955
43-470 Istebna
E-mail: xjw@wp.pl
Web site: http://www.stecowka.bielsko.opoka.org.pl
Phone: +48 33 855 52 59
Category: Sacred
Place:  Istebna
The St Joseph Subsidiary Church in Mlaskawka
43-470  Istebna Stecówka 955, Phone: (+48) 33-855-52-59
The church belongs to the Stecówka parish. Built by the local people in 1948 as a votive offering for surviving the World War II, it was initially located in Jaworzynka, in the Trzycatek hamlet. Back then, a patron saint of this church was Our Lady of Frydek (Śląsk Cieszyński). After the construction of a new, stone church in Jaworzynka, the old wooden church was taken apart and moved to the Mlaskawka hamlet (the Stecówka parish). Traditional wooden ornaments dominate the interior decorations. Points of interest are the picture of St Joseph with the Baby Jesus and a high altar crucifix. Bishop Tadeusz Rakoczy consecrated the transferred church on 24 May 1997, and St Joseph was chosen a new patron saint. The church is situated near the Zaolzie Primary School and the headquarters of the Voluntary Fire Service. Sunday mass is at 7.30 a.m.
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