Pracownia i Galeria Rodziny Konarzewskich
43-470 Istebna 596
Phone: +48 33 855 75 09, +48 506 444 211
Category: Regional
Place:  Istebna
The Konarzewski Family Studio and Art Gallery
43-470 Istebna 596, Phone: (+48) 33-855-7509, (+48) 506-444-211.Opened daily, after a telephone arrangement
The gallery houses the art works of the four generations of the Konarzewski family. They have lived in the Istebna village for decades. Here, you can admire the valued works of Ludwik Konarzewski Senior, pictures of Ludwik Konarzewski Junior, modern paintings of Iwona Konarzewska, (currently works as a guide in the family gallery), and paintings of Antoni Konarzewski. The whole estate was built in 1923-28, and constitutes a complex of wooden buildings named Bucznik. Originally, it included an atelier and the artist’s house, a guesthouse, a building designed for a museum, a school of folk crafts and a chapel of the Virgin Mary – the Queen of the Polish Crown. The chapel was built as a votive offering for a happy return from the Russian exile. Inside the chapel, a wonderful altarpiece triptych (sculpted by the founder), features the apotheosis of the Śląsk Cieszynski region. In its central part, there is the Black Madonna of Częstochowa with the Piast Tower in Cieszyn. In the chapel, the visitors can also admire other sculptures and paintings of Ludwik Konarzewski and his son Ludwik. Unfortunately, the whole complex has not survived until today. Yet still, the numerous works of art, family memorabilia and the chapel make it a unique site.
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