Warsztat malarza i grafika Jana Wałacha
Andziołówka 293
43-470 Istebna
Web site: http://www.janwalach.pl
Phone: +48 33 855 72 01, +48 885 743 904
Category: Regional
Place:  Istebna
Jan Wałach - Museum of the Artist
43 – 470 Istebna 293, Phone: (+48) 33-855-72-01, (+48) 885-43-904, (+48) 502 097 871. Opened daily, after a telephone arrangement.
The Museum is located in Andziołówka - the first hamlet of the Istebna village. Driving from the direction of the Wisła village, you should turn left near a wooden cross and a historic, wooden inn and then follow the road for 400 meters towards the forest, where the atelier of late Jan Wałach is located. Built on the edge of a forest clearing, it is surrounded by majestic spruce forest and bathed in wild flowers in springtime.
The artist’s studio was built from spruce logs in 1922. Being high and spacious, it served him as the atelier during his life. Currently, it is his museum filled with furniture, easels, and his works: oil paintings, drawings, gouaches – featuring a variety of subjects: landscapes, portraits, flowers, still life and the religious compositions made between 1902 and 1979.
In the atelier’s vicinity (40 meters), there is the Jan Wałach family house. Built in 1853, it was thoroughly redeveloped in 1912. The house is a log construction with a shingle-covered roof. The roof has a characteristic for local wooden architecture semi-circular “oeil-de-boeuf” and the so called kozubki that is a type of overhanging eave in the gable. The whole estate is placed on the Wooden Architecture Heritage List.
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