Wyrchczadeczka 812
43-476 Jaworzynka
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Phone: +48 33 855 6313
Category: Natural
Place:  Jaworzynka
At Jaworzynka there is the First Terrain Station of the Carpathian Gene Bank called Wyrchczadeczka. Its basic task consists in preserving valuable spruce stands of the Istebna origin, and assessing their value for the purpose of an appropriate development and reconstruction.
The Spruce Museum – comprising scientific and historical materials connected with the Istebna spruce.
The Capercaillie Volier Breeding Farm - it was established to reintroduce Capercaillie into the Beskid forests. Capercaillies have always been present in the Silesian Beskid forests, however they never aroused hunters’ interest. The turning point was the visit of the duke’s forest administrator in 1852. That was the beginning of the Capercaillie hunting. Many forester’s lodges, hunting castles and other hunting-related buildings were being built - one of them is the Castle on “Zadni Groń” – the official residence of the Poland’s President. In the second half of the 20th century, Capercaillie population started to decrease dramatically. Between 2002-2008, thanks to the establishment of the Capercaillie Volier Breeding Farm, 227 Capercaillies were released into their natural habitat.

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