Izba Pamięci Marii Gwarek
Szańce 550
43-474 Koniaków
Phone: +48 33 855 64 23
Category: Regional
Place:  Koniaków
The Lace Museum – A Memorial Chamber of Maria Gwarek
43- 474 Koniaków Szańce 550, Phone: (+48) 33-855- 64-23. Opened daily.
The Lace Museum was opened in 1962 as a memorial of late Maria Gwarek. Here you can admire many interesting exhibits: coifs, headscarf trimmings, ruffs, collars, bed linen ornaments, sheer curtains, triangular shaped shelf doilies; each one of these being of different pattern and shape inspired by the nature and tradition. One of the most interesting exhibits is an unfinished doily – a gift for the British Queen, Elisabeth II. The place is well worth a visit if you are interested in the history of the Koniaków lace-making tradition.
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