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We invite you to visit Istebna, Jaworzynka & Koniakow

Welcome to Istebna, Koniaków and  Jaworzynka

There is a place where the air is so limpid and fresh that it takes your breath away. There is a place where  the water is as clear as a crystal. There is a very beginning of it and streams seem to splash happily because of having a chance to wander to the sea. There is a place where slenderly growing spruces rich the sky created the most beautiful spruce forest in the world.  There is a place where land invites you to explore it and mountains peaks are within arm reach. There is a place where  only step away from the road you can come across another world , fair - like  world. Old, far, forgotten but still alive world, preserved with care and powerful will of  the people  who live there.
Where is this place? 

You could say: Far, far away behind the mountains, behind the endless woods, behind seven rivers - and you would not be wrong because  this country truly lies behind hills and forests in the heart of The Beskid Sląski. 
Here, on the slopes of "Złoty Groń", "Ochodzita" and "Wawrzaczowy Groń", in the valleys between these beautiful hills are placed Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka called often "The Triple Village".

The Community Istebna lies on the land of 8425 hectars with 4590 hectars of forests. Community consist of around 11000 citizen. There are six primary schools, one secondary and one high school in the area.   

The Triple Village can be find easily on every map as within its terrain the boarders of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland meet. The point signed with three landmarks is situated in the village Jaworzynka and is called "The Triple Junction". Very important for the economy of the community are three border crossing points, where many tourist annually cross the frontier of Poland (Jasnowice, Hrcava, Kotelnica).  

Geographical situation of The Triple Village stimulates the future  of the area - tourism. The number of accommodation places is rising very significantly. Currently there are more than 1600 beds to book in hotels, B and B accommodation places and on agro-tourist farms. These places offer tourist not only comfort of night logging but home atmosphere and delicious cuisine. The region is famous for very tasty regional food in splendid restaurants .     
People's Council of the Community have undertaken some interesting and modern projects to provide efficient sewage-treatment plants, improve the net of local roads and to build new tourist and sport facilities. This works, climate, tourist routs and MTB paths with spectacular views should make the area one of the most attractive in the south of Poland very soon.
In addition The Triple Village have  large number of ski slops with good lifts and  service. There is a hill for skiing - lovers of every age and level of skills. There is also a perfect place for cross - country skiers. They can run on well known ski tracks of Kubalonka, one of the best facility of this kind in Poland where Polish olympic cross - country team usually train and where every year takes place International Ski Run "Istebna Cup" (Isteniański Bruclik) . Cross - country skiing run for everybody which has unofficial name as Polish Non - profi National Championships.

Kubalonka is an important place for tourists where hiking routs cross. Leaving your car there you can start unforgettable trip to "Stożek", "Stecówka", "Barania Góra" or "Wisla Glebce". 

Everyone who wants to feel the magic and mystery of the mountains, who wants to breath fresh air in the shade of  wonderful trees, who loves star gazing and wildlife exploring will be satisfied coming to Istebna Community. Every season is good to come

From the nature point of view Istebna region is a home to Istebna spruce forests (lat. Picea). These trees growing on "Bukowiec" slops are among the best seed giving woods in Europe. The most famous kind of them which can be 60 matres tall is "Anderson Spruce" (name comes from Swedish scientist who discovered it). To protect genetic virtues of this species Regional Spruce Gene Bank was found in 2001 where its seeds can be stored for tens of years. This place at Wyrchczadeczka Trees Nursery is worth seeing.

Interesting could be also a museum of Istebna spruce and wood grouse breeding ran by National Forests Management in Wisła. This farm has tried for several years to restore this beautiful  but endangered type of bird  which used to live in the woods of Barania Góra, the mountain where the Wisła river has its spring.

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