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Monuments & objects to sightseeing

Jan Kawulok Cottage Museum in Istebna is one of the five objects included in the trail of Wooden Architecture. It was founded in 1863r., and is an example of an authentic, former highland house, i.e. wooden cottage, covered with shingle roof, with two chambers and the entrance hall in the middle. In one of the room there is a stove from which smoke was coming inside as the cottage did not have a chimney. Inside you have an opportunity to see the traditional décor of the cottage with its household items, such as a quern stone, used for grinding grain to make flour and a sleeping chamber. However, stories and Jan Macoszek’s musical performance with the use of different instruments constitute the main attraction. The instruments have been made by the late owner of the cottage, Jan Kawulok.
Address: Wojtosze 824 Istebna, phone: +48 033 855 62 31; 0790 262 829.

Lace museum,  was founded in 1962 in
Koniaków as a memorial of late Maria Gwarek. A lot of interesting exhibit items can be seen in here, for example coifs, trims for scarves, ruffs, collars, bed linen ornaments, net curtains, shelf scarves, from which every has a different pattern and shape but all of them are inspired by the nature and tradition. Among various interesting items of the collection you will come across a unique but unfinished doily which was supposed to be a gift for the British Queen Elisabeth II. Wanting to know more about the long history of lace making in Koniaków, you should visit this place.
Address: Koniaków Szańce 550, phone: +48 033 855 64 23.

Regional museum Na Grapie in Jaworzynka, established in 1993r. by Jerzy Rucki, is a wooden cottage, covered with the wooden shingle roof, with basements and numerous rooms, some of which are devoted to farm tourism. There is also a traditional old wooden cottage belonging to the museum built in 1920r. with a stove (there is no chimney for a specific reason), with an exhibition of folk crafts with a smithy workshop. Moreover, there are different sorts of exhibits portraying history of the Istebna Highlanders i.e. regional costumes, home and agricultural appliances, dishes. 
Address: Jaworzynka Gorzołki 720; phone: +48 033 855 65 20; open: Monday to Saturday 9.00-15.00

„Chata na Szańcach” Gallery, that is the Gallery of Amateur Artists founded by Tadeusz Rucki in 1990, where you can see and buy variety of collections of the local folk artists from the region of the Triple Village, including sculpting, painting, graphics and Koniaków lace.
Address: Koniaków Szańce 662, phone: + 48 033 855 70 70, open: Monady to Sunday from 9-21

Jan Wałach Workshop of an Artist Address: Istebna Andziołówka; phone: +48 033-855 72 01; available after telephone arrangement.

Kamieniarz and Kubaszczyk Family Art Chamber in Koniaków from 1984 with collections including lace-making and sculpture Address: Koniaków 301; phone. +48 033 855 65 61; – available after telephone arrangement

Beata Legierska Workshop – Koniaków lace-making presentation;
Address: Istebna Andziołówka 791; phone:
+48 033-855 61 59, 606 557 292;

Konarzewski’s Family Workshop and Gallery painting and sculpting;
Address: Istebna Bucznik 596; phone:
+48 033-855 75 09; 506 444 211;

W Drewutni Gallery – painting, artistic handicraft.
Jaworzynka 747; phone: +48
033-855 72 22, 603 376 549;

Jakub Gazurek Highlander Chamber- painting, sculpting;
Address: Istebna Gliniane; phone:
501 055 680;

The centre of the Environmental Education came into existence in 1997 in Istebna as a part of the Forest Promotional Complex Silesian Beskidy Forests. There you can see variety of examples of the most characteristic Silesian Beskidy flora and fauna elements in the form of a beautiful display. The multimedia presentation is enriched with recorded sounds of the nature which make you feel like in the heart of the forest. Address: Dzielec Istebna; phone: +48 033 855 60 10 open: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00-16.00

Furthermore, in the young forest school Jaworzynka Wyrchczadeczka there is a Museum of the Spruce where scientific materials have been gathered, i.e. there are being conducted some scientific and historical examinations relating to the existence of the regional Istebna Spruce Gene Bank.
Address: Jaworzynka Czadeczka;
phone: +48 033 855 24 26 tel.; available after telephone arrangement.

Memorial Museum of Jerzy Kukuczka, located in the late alpinist’s family home, where you can see a lot of memorabilia, trophies and photographs of his expeditions to the eight-thousanders. Follow the blue trail from the centre of Istebna.Address: Istebna Wilcze 340, phone: +48 033 855 69 74, 505 267 038 – available at weekends after telephone arrangement

The Shepherd’s Hut
with smoked sheep cheese, highlander shop and show of local sausage making.
Address: Koniaków Szańce 33; phone: +48 033 855 70 78.

Historic churches
stone church in Istebna, wooden churches in Stecówka, Mlaskawka and Kubalonka and a roadside shrine in Bucznik.

House of the Three Nations
International Art Gallery Na Granicy bez Granic (At the Border without Borders) which is located in the building of the former border crossing in Jasnowice. Here you can see an exhibition of the local art, costumes, some temporary displays or you can just linger over coffee in the frontier café.
Address: Istebna Jasnowice; phone: +48 0608 581 071.

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