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Beginnings by Peter Jalowiczor

The Klub Pilkarski "Trojwies" w Istebnej as it is known locally or the Polish Millers better known in the UK, first appeared on the regional footballing map at the start of the 1997/98 season.  However the club has its foundations much earlier when it was set-up as a supporters-club of the English game by a number of dedicated supporters at the start of 1995 here in Istebna.  Videos of matches, match programmes were sent over by Rotherham United Commercial Manager, Dave Nicholls and so the supporters club had a focus on this particular English club.
One of the founding members, when interviewed for the local press said:  I was born in the UK and for about thirty years lived in the vicinity of the third division Millers stadium.  After arriving Poland the love of English football still remained, one evening the idea of creating a football club in Istebna arose, in particular because there never was a football team in Istebna.  Apart from the club, which existed briefly a generation ago." "We decided, that we would return to those traditions, and write a new chapter in the history of football here. We were able to get together a few amateurs and put together a team.  In 1996, we started playing friendlies against club sides from different leagues.  The play and the results were very promising.  The team adopted the name: "Millers - Trójwies" and the club was registered with the F.A.  In 1997 the club officially debuted in the Klasa C league and the rest they say is history...."

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