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In the heart of The Beskid Slaski, between hills Złoty Gron, Ochodzita and Wawrzaczowy Gron three villages are placed: Istebna, Koniakow and Jaworzynka. They are called Triple Village and are the home to live mountain culture and folk tradition.

The branches of local folk art are sculpture, lace, embroidering and painting, which are continuously created by great number of folk craftsmen, artisans and creators.

The village of Koniakow, the highest situated community in The Beskid Slaski is the most important and the most famous centre of lace making in the area.
The Koniakow laces are unique, valued for using plant themes. Each of the flowers, branches, little leaves is made separately and then assembled with tiny shred crocheted geometrical designs. All these masterpieces are usually made from white or cream cotton shred of different width. Contemporary craftswomen create  table - cloth of different sizes and shapes(circle, oval, rectangle) collars, gloves, purses, cuffs, dresses and even parts of underwear.
The old designing is being continuously enriched by crochet masters. Thanks to them brand new, unrepeatable designs are made which beautiful and unique.

The embroidery (cross-embroidery, one-side or plaited embroidery) is of Wolosi origin. The Balcan Area is said to be its cradle. In XVth century some tribes from there called Wolosi used to wander across the continent and settled in The Beskid Slaski. Their culture spreads out and influences local life becoming the part of its own. Since then cross - embroidery has been used to enrich men and women wearing. Typical subjects of cross - embroidery here are floral and geometrical; stars, half moons, leaves and flowers. One - side embroidery is the part of folk clothes: man shirt  and woman blouse called here "kabotek". Double - side embroidery is the part of a wedding kerchief called corner garment (szatka rozkowa).

Nowadays Jaworzynka and Istebna are the centres of cross - embroidering in Triple Village. This art is also used to adorn cloths and women wearing.
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