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The dialect of Istebna region

Language which is in use in villages of Istebna, Koniakow and Jaworzynka is classified as one of Jablonkov dialects. Its name comes from the town Jablonkov, which was a cultural and industrial centre of the region in the past.

This dialect is unique nowadays due to archaic vocabulary. Words of proto - Slavonic origin are still being used. There are also terms and expressions that have roots far in the Balkan. Some of them are fading because life conditions and work circumstances has changed dramatically.

Old professions became unnecessary and even useless. Every media has become accessible very easily, vocabulary has been changing continuously as level of people education has been improving.

What is more, after II World War citizens of the Triple Village were cut off from the springs of their culture with the border between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Polish authorities have implanted in the folk the feeling of strangeness toward Slovak and Morawian culture. Mountain region was integrated with Silesian culture.

There are also social and professional jargons in the dialect of Istebna region. Interlocutors origin can be recognize through their vocabulary and pronunciation differences between villages. Features of this languages make it very characteristic among dialects of Cieszyn Province.

Polish version - Rafał Wałach from Jaworzynka.
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