Tourism 20.01.2005
» We invite you to visit Istebna, Jaworzynka & Koniakow
Welcome to Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka

There is a place where the air is so limpid and fresh that it takes your breath away.

There is a place where the water is as clear as a crystal.

There is a very beginning of it and streams seem to splash happily because of having a chance to wander to the sea.

There is a place where slenderly growing spruces rich the sky created the most beautiful spruce forest in the world.

There is a place where land invites you to explore it and mountains peaks are within arm reach.

There is a place where only step away from the road you can come across another world , fairy-like world. Old, far, forgotten but still alive world, preserved with care and powerful will of the people who live there.

Where is this place?

You could say: Far, far away behind the mountains, behind the endless woods, behind seven rivers - and you would not be wrong because this country truly lies behind hills and forests in the heart of The Beskid Sląski.

Here, on the slopes of ''Złoty Groń'', ''Ochodzita'' and ''Wawrzaczowy Groń'', in the valleys between these beautiful hills are placed Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka called often ''The Triple Village''.

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